Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sample of Work for SyNC Afterschool Program

I've worked very closely with Zion Climbing Center ( formerly Zion Rock Gym ) out of Searcy, AR for nearly 4 years now. Helping to establish a creative & cohesive Brand Identity. Recently they have developed an afterschool program: SyNC - Searcy Youth Neighborhood Community.

This is a recent flyer I've developed to send to prospective registrants, local schools & civic groups. The program is an incredible opportunity for both parents & kids. For the parents it is a safe & financially responsible afterschool program ( only $150 a month ) and the kids get exposure to both Indoor Rock Climbing & Martial Arts Programs.

For more information check out www.zionclimbingcenter.org


  1. It'd be sweet if they could get some sponsors and offer the program for free.

  2. Don -
    Yeah that would. I don't know if they have sought out any corporate sponsorship,but I would imagine it would be pretty difficult to come by - especially in this economic climate.

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  4. That looks really good Aaron! I like it.