Saturday, June 13, 2009

Recently, I've been having serious thoughts of actively directing myself in the direction of a Photographic Career. So I had a mini shoot of the only available human subject on a late Friday evening.

I shot these in my apt. parking lot in front of our dumpster. It was a little weird being in public taking shots of myself - it felt very vain. This feeling was quickly inhibited when a neighbor was cleaning for a move. He ended up throwing away a stereo - I didn't know then but it was completely busted. Well, not two minutes after he pitched it and walked away a couple who was waiting in our parking lot jumped in that dumpster and fished it out. They were young and determined. The girl went in semi-reluctantly and I don't think she every became quite comfortable with the goop she was wading in. Anyhow she came out, dirtier and smellier, but at least one (busted) stereo happier.

So the tidbit learned here: putting yourself in tough situations like, shooting pictures of yourself so the whole world can see can easily pay off with interactions you could have never expected.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ok. So a bit of a detour from the office - my apartment. I recently purchased a new shower head because the one that came with my space was, quite frankly gross. So I went into the Walmart with the idea that I'd spare no expense to find the perfect shower water dispenser. Well, when I got to the assortment of styles, and prices, I wimped out and picked up the Walmart special, picture above - $2.98. I was nervous it would not be what I needed but figured for 3 bucks it was worth the gamble.

Well, to my surprise this has been an INCREDIBLE find! It works fantastically! kudos to Walmart for bringing this supplier on board.